Which color of the box and the leather?

This is our box prototype for jewelry packaging. Our triangle box is made from mango wood and handmade in Bali. The lining is cut from leftover leather scraps. The logo is then branded to the leather. Later on the three dots logo will be carved on the top of the box.

Could you please help us choosing or let us know what do you think?

  • Which color of the box should we have, dark brown or black?
  • Which color of the leather for the lining should we use, cognac or black?

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Which color of the box and the leather?

  1. roziadi says:

    feedback for the packaging. i like the natural wood and leather one,…
    wishing you only the best with everything.
    blessings and good luck.

    1. Lucy Gunawan says:

      Thank you Susanne. The box is in production now 馃檪

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