A creative platform to share, collaborate and learn

At Perfectibility of Man we value participation from the community. Products are inspired by real stories. Stories by people who seek unique objects and skills. We do not shy away from modern technology, but use it only when it adds to traditional skills.

The jewelry line is based on true stories, ours and yours. Once you share your story, it becomes part of our shared stories.

The T-shirt line is based on uncompromising comfort, beautiful high quality fabric, no annoying labels, and is open to your suggestions and findings for further improvements.

The jewelry and T-shirts are designed in Europe and handmade in Bali and Java. The intention is to have beautiful handmade products by empowering the makers with new skills and the possibility of continuous learning.

The models that promote our products are special, they are all role models in their own right.



Continuous improvement, our road to perfection

At Perfectibility of Man we believe that men and women own their own destiny. Not only are they able to continuously improve themselves and strive for personal perfection, by doing so they inevitably improve everything around them. Mankind is able to inspire, create and improve its environment.

Guided by this profound belief, we create inspirational products and tell world stories, always looking for continuous improvement and moving towards greater involvement within communities. The world inspires and helps us to continue on this road towards perfection. Perfectibility of products, of community, of mankind.



A special journey to a special company

We are both inspired by and aspire to the Perfectibility of Man. We see the beauty in everyday things and believe in the goodness of mankind. We are always excited to keep learning new skills.

Lucy Gunawan, the designer of Perfectibility of Man, loves learning new things, has an unstoppable curiosity that earned her a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences. A degree that puts her well centered in the “now” of the 21st century, but which is balanced out by her love for the old crafts and artisanal knowledge. She loves making things with her hands, using natural materials such as metal, wood, paper, clay, stone, fabric and leather. There is no opposition between analysis and creativity because they are complementary fields of expertise, and enable a combination of different techniques to get the best of both worlds.

Nicholas De Walsche, who built up the company with Lucy, shares the same kind of interest both for the new as for the old; high tech and the highest of artisanal practices. Beauty doesn’t need to be categorized according to ways of production; the beauty obtained, respecting the best practices of the techniques in question, will speak for itself. His ambition in life and work is only rivaled by his unfailing curiosity: “Wise men keep the child in their heart alive.” Nicholas’s hunger for light and beauty is driven by his desire to share with the world and his fellow earthlings, following his favorite adage ‘Ilmu Padi’ connecting great achievements with great humility.

As our path crossed, we keep your footprints as our souvenirs.

Man and his universe, illustration by Lucy Gunawan.
Dominique Dauwe (Model). He is an actor and producer lives in LA. For community, he is taking part in making an independent musical that celebrates disability culture, a project from Zeno Mountain Farm, The Homecoming. Photo of Dominique was taken by a generous and good-hearted photographer, Benny De Groove.
Overlay photos are from Unsplash, a platform fueled by a community that has generously gifted hundreds of thousands of their own photos. The mountain, lake, and tree photo were taken by Yoshi Takekawa on Blanca Lake Trailhead, United States. The milky way photo were taken by Casey Horner at Yosemite.