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As our path crossed, we keep your footprints as our souvenirs. Thank you.

Woman and her golden ratio, illustration by Lucy Gunawan.
Sihame El Kaouakibi (Model), a Belgian serial Social Entrepreneur, a lady on a mission. Through her projects (A woman’s view, Let’s go urban, Wannawork), Sihame helps youngsters develop their full potential.  Photo of Sihame was taken by a generous and good-hearted photographer, Benny De Groove.
Overlay photos are from Unsplash, a platform fueled by a community that has generously gifted hundreds of thousands of their own photos. The bokeh photo by Becca Romine. The tree photo is by Shreekar P at Avenue of the Baobabs, Morondava, Madagascar. The cedar tree photo is by Nick West at Millington Wood, York, United Kingdom. The golden ratio photo were taken by Eric Kim on Flickr