If you have a story that fills you with joy, with energy and emotion every time you think about it and you would love a tangible reminder you can touch, you can wear or which can become a part of you. Write it down and send it to us. Our designers at the Perfectibility of Man will transform your fondest memories and stories into a jewel designed for you.

The story can be about anything that has such a beautiful message at the core that you want to share it with the rest of the world. Stories can be up to 3000 characters (approx. 500 words) and be accompanied by max. 3 photographs.


Once you’ve submitted your story and it has been selected as inspiration for a jewelry line, we will get in touch with you to make sure we have grasped the essential details of your story and to go over your wishes and expectations for the jewel design. As a reward, you will be able to choose either earrings or a ring from your own story line for free and get a 50% discount on other products in the same line.

You may also choose to submit a story to be made as a custom jewel just for you. At which point we will give you an offer and we will design a unique piece of jewelry together with you. Your story will not be used as inspiration for an open jewelry line.

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I agree that Perfectibility of Man has full right to make a complete line of jewelry by using my story.

As our path crossed, we keep your footprints as our souvenirs. Thank you.

Woman and her universe, illustration by Lucy Gunawan.
Hoei Lien The (Model). She is a violinist that plays for Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, she is enrolling for her second master at Erasmus University majoring in Art, Culture, and Society. Photo of Hoei Lien was taken by a generous and good-hearted photographer, Benny De Grove.
Overlay photos are from Unsplash, a platform fueled by a community that has generously gifted hundreds of thousands of their own photos. The mountain and lake photo were taken by Luca Bravo on Lago di Braies, Italy. The milky way photo were taken by Casey Horner at Yosemite. The sunset in the forest photo were taken by Ju On.